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Making Your Blog Settings Count

Up until this point, you could have created your blog without this article, even if you arenít a technical guru. You may have made a few mistakes along the way, but practically speaking, anyone can easily create a blog on Blogger.com.

But, if you were to skip this chapter and try to use the blog and ping method with the standard settings for Blogger.com, you would think that this method of getting spidered did NOT work!

And you would be right -- we now know that the standard settings donít work!

More importantly, you would not find the settings needed just anywhere. Determining what worked would be a long and difficult trial and error process.

Luckily for you, we have already completed that trial and error process and can tell you exactly what you need to do to make your blogging and pinging successful.

Step #1 -- The Settings Tab

Let's look again, at the successful post screen from the last chapter. Under the blog title, you will see 4 tabs labeled Posting, Settings, Template, and View Blog.

If you were in the Posting section, you would also see the same four tabs...

In order to successfully use your new blog for the blog and ping process, you will need to click on and make changes under the "Settings" tab.

Step #2 -- Settings - Publishing Tab

Once you have clicked the "Settings" tab, you will see settings has 8 sub-tabs. We will only be concerned with 5 of them.

The "Basic" tabs settings are correct. You do not need to make any changes for the blog and ping method to be successful.

Click on the "Publishing" tab. Google automatically shows your BlogSpot address. You will want to save this address to your notepad for future use.

The other piece of information on this page needs to be changed to "Yes.". You definitely want Weblogs.com to be notified whenever you make changes to your blog.

Once you have copied down your URL and made the change to this page, click on the orange "Save Settings".

When you do, you will see this page again with the following header at the top...

There is no need to "Republish" your blog at this time. You will republish your blog after you have made all the changes.

Step #3 -- Settings - Formatting Tab

Now click on the "Formatting" tab to make one change. Towards the bottom is a field called "Show Link Field."

Change that to yes and Save the Settings.

Step #4 -- Settings Ė Comments Tab

This is one step that you can use but do not have to use. Although it doesnít always happen, if anyone posts a comment to your site, the spiders will see that comment as fresh content.

To allow posts to your blog you will need to make a few changes. "Who Can Comment" needs to be changed to anyone.

"Comment Notification Address" needs to have an email address where you can receive notices that someone has posted a comment to your blog.

Now click on the orange "Save Settings" button.

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